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Let's collaborate

If you have the interest in commission with me, contact me on my email and we can discus about it. I primary create scifi and fantasy landscapes with silhouette in foreground for any project you want.

For charge I use the Paypal account and the price depends on how much complex the finished project will be. So contact me and we will discuss about the colaboration and you will see when you can get above the standart price, or below.


  • Standart Price

  • $100
    per art
  • I work primary with 16:9 ratio and the standart proportions are in 6K (5760 x 3240 pixels) / 300dpi - all made in Photoshop. If you want another size, send me the proportion you want (pixels), about 1:1 I can do up to 5000x5000px, but the standart is 4320px. Every commissioner will get the finished product in PNG, the PSD file and step process images in full size JPG. The progress I will send also via email.

Covers for R.L.M. Sanchez

These four book covers I did as a first commission ever. I did them for R.L.M. Sanchez for his science fiction novel named as VIRION, which has four books.

Album Cover Celestial Dream

Mark Millen wanted create cover for his new album. Make something from the space, he said. So I did it.

Mark Mazzocca cover

Mark Mazzocca contacted me via email, that he needs album cover for his music. I made one and enjoyed this one!

Max Florschutz

I did few book covers already, Max Florschutz saw them, so he asked me to do one for him too. It was my pleasure.

Background for mobile game

Felix Almonte asked me for few backgrounds for his new mobile game. So I did them.

I had a vision for my album when I asked Michal to make the artwork, what he provided was above and beyond anything I could have envisioned and his art took my production to another level, they say a picture says a thousand words, and Michals art can say more than I ever could, such a visual delight that really speaks for itself, such a wonderful talent and a pleasure to work with, every stage of the project was handled with ease, I can't speak highly enough of Michal and his professionalism, if you need artwork, then you need Michal.

Mark Millen

Delivered a sweet cover (and wallpaper) very quickly, was fast to make adjustments and tweaks as needed. 100% one of the best artists I've worked with for making book covers. The art is fantastic, the book came out looking great, and Michal was amazing fast at getting revisions and tweaks made based on feedback. I will be contacting them again as soon as another book is in need of a cover!

Otto Max Florschutz

I've had 5 book covers built from the ground up with Michal, and each one is simply gorgeous. When designing an image, he is very patient and is with you every step of the way, showing his progress throughout. Im proud to say that he is my go to artist whether I need a cover that will be sold in stores or simple concept art. Love this artist!

Robert Sanchez